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By J.L.N. Lewitin

Magic is an interaction with fundamental forces which are hidden from physical view. This definition is intrinsic, as magic becomes science as soon as it becomes possible to actually view its source. Even theoretically logical viewing of its cause can often define the principle as a physical force rather than a mystical event.

The use of magic is based on the idea that an individual can strategically use an understanding of metaphysical principles to interact with the world around them. This understanding is most often achieved through greater sensitivity to the forces working around oneself, and an increased awareness of your own relative relationship to the others in the world.

The following theories of magic are based on philosophical ideas about the nature of the universe. The work of countless sages and thinkers the development of mystic wisdom is the effort of whole generations, occasionally spurred on by the work of the brilliant, to evolve theories of the intrinsic nature of everything.

Natural Theories of Magic

As above so below, this often quoted proverb is the cornerstone of natural magic. At its core this is an idea that everything in the universe is related to everything else. Anything that happens affects everything, to some degree, and in very specific ways. The understanding of those ways is the key to proficiency at this particular method.

Coming to an understanding of the intrinsic principles guiding the universes relationship to itself, can be gained through various methods in which you make yourself more aware of the nature of the world. In the shamanistic tradition this is done by putting oneself into a trance, through mental and ceremonial techniques. In the guru tradition it is more often done through advanced meditation, although ceremonial action can be used as well.

Natural magic does not have very many written spells or ceremonies which can be used to evoke its power, since the words and actions would have to be specifically tailored to both the individual and the situation necessary. This is why trance and or meditation is needed for an individual to release their cognitive mind enough to understand the hidden nature of the world. Theoretically a very small number of spells and or actions are so powerful and specific that they can be used by almost anybody, and could be written down, however these are so rare that there are not currently any copies of them in circulation.

Some of those that commonly use natural magic are Shamans, workers of Voo Doo, and Transcendentalists. Balance theory of magic, which is discussed in greater detail below, is also considered a subset of this particular philosophy.

Astrology also uses natural magic, but in such a profoundly unique manner that it bears commenting on separately. Unlike most forms of magic which try to evoke a response from the world, astrology is a kind of forecasting which merely seeks to understand the nature of future events. Over countless ages astrologers have watched the movements of the large astrological bodies in the sky, and have correlated them with the actions which occur for those around them. In this way they feel they have uncovered some of the principles of this interaction and interconnectivity. This allows them to use the cyclic nature of astrological bodies, as well as observations of orbital paths, to predict not only the movements of the sky above but the actions and future of people who live around them. This theory has recently been enormously complicated by multi-versal mystical theories. One of the unique things about this craft is that it is the only form of natural magic which can be written down and passed along. This is because it is not an active participation, but merely an observation of other participations.


Balance Theories of Magic

The balance theory of magic is theoretically based on natural theory; however its core emphasis is on the perfect balance which exists between all opposites in the world. The universe and everything in it is in a state of constant flux, pulled back and forth between the intrinsic opposites which exist in everything.

Working with this discipline requires that an individual become acutely aware of these balances. It is important not only to be able to recognize them, but also to perceive the differences between the two opposing sources in each struggle. As ones sensitivity increases, it will become possible to employ various strategies to exploit this natural state.

Proficiency in this discipline begins with oneself. To understand balance in the world, one first needs to understand the balance that is within them. If one is to influence the balance of the world, it is absolutely necessary that they have control over their own balances.

Balance magic is performed by increasing, or upsetting, the intrinsic balances which exist in objects and situation. In strengthening the balance, one creates a more powerful bond. By destroying a balance, one is creating energy, because the balance will seek to restore itself. By increasing or decreasing one element in this balance, one can effect changes in the cycles of events.

Multi-verse Theories of Magic

The idea of the Multi-verse is an ancient thought which has been discovered and lost countless times throughout history. It is an idea which has gained recent attention due to the efforts of modern scientists, whose works are beginning to uncover new truths about the nature of existence. Highly theoretical, greater understanding of this idea has the potential for powerful results.

The theory of the multi-verse is that our entire universe is a thin membrane, like a gauze pancake, which is floating in a void with an infinite number of other pancake universes. Since there are an infinite number of them, every possible universe exists in this multi-verse. Further, the subatomic particles in any one universe can suddenly appear in any of the other universes at any given point in time, based on complicated probabilities.

This is a theory which is so speculative that it is difficult to determine specific truths. However the implications are far reaching, including a new understanding of space and time, the nature of existence, as well as cause and effect.

At the core of this idea is the concept of probabilities. Anything is possible, and the more probable it is in your particular universe, the more likely it is to occur. Further, each person exists in an infinite number of incarnations and universes, all of which interact on a very subtle level through the exchange of subatomic particles.

Application of this theory consists of strategically manipulating probability and personal existence, to evoke an incarnation in which the desired effect is real. At the interpersonal level this is an idea of cause and effect, in which a person can step outside of their lives and look on their existence as a game whose actions they can manipulate to a desired effect. On a more personal level this is a control of ones own perceptions, in which a being chooses how they want to view events, and by doing so alter the incarnate existence they are in.

The most difficult aspect of this magical theory is the necessity to find a balance between altering ones own perceptions and altering the world around them. On the one hand you have to change the way you look at things to alter your own incarnation, while on the other you have to be aware of the hard reality of your current existence enough to alter causes and effects around you.

Power and Force Magical Theories

This is the most basic concept of magic. In its essence it contends that one can, through various methods, store up enough power to force an action or event in the world. This energy can be stored either in a person, or in an object. Some even contend that energy can be stored in an idea or a word, although that is a very complex application of this idea.

There are many ways to gain sufficient force to accomplish a mystical event. In small amounts, potential energy is stored up by every action; however it is usually cancelled out by other energies. By focusing the direction of the potential energy that you store, you can place it within a single location. A simple example of this is charisma, which can be an inborn talent, but is also enhanced by the fact that the more popular a person is, the more persuasive power they have.

Another way to focus energy into a single spot is to use meditative techniques to concentrate energy from other sources, such as the sun, into a narrow area. While this method is very difficult, and requires supreme self control and awareness, it is one of the most powerful methods of magic available, because it allows you to constantly replenish your reserves.

Some creatures and items naturally have enormous amounts of power. An example of a creature is a demon, whose purity of chaos affords them tremendous energy, in a fashion similar to a nuclear reactor. An example of an object that is naturally powerful is the ocean. A giant crystal, it directs and stores the energy from the sun which hits its surface, deep within its liquid chambers.


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